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"What is life without music, for it speaks to the soul of humanity".

From 2013 to 2017 Mike entered and exited the most creative and prolific musical period of his life.  While living the mountain life in virtual isolation in the magnificent White Mountains of New Hampshire, Mike wrote approximately 200 original songs.  Upon re-entering civilization (as Mike likes to say), he began producing and releasing that music on his label Artist Rock Records. In this section we will be featuring Mike's original songs and compositions as they get released.


Mike Trabulsie's 587 North

Gravity is the first release from Mike Trabulsie's 587 North.  Released on Artist Rock records in 2021, the lyric warns of the dangers and pitfalls that exist in the world and inspires one to elevate.  It is Gravity in the metaphoric sense that keeps us grounded on the path to life!



Mike Trabulsie's 7 Veritas

The Hunter is the 1st release from Mike Trabulsie's 7 Veritas.  Mike has written a contemplative lyric that asks the listener probing questions about life.  The word Hunter is used in the broader sense as "one who is searching". Ultimately, we must all rise up to overcome the challenges in our lives.

7 Veritas - The Hunter (official album cover).jpg
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